Frequently Asked Questions

Do your Moon Jumps have roofs?
The majority of the jump units do.

If I need one today can you deliver one today?
We will do everything possible to get one out to you. We have been quite successful with last minute requests.

What is the best place to set up the Moon Jump?
On a grassy area where all of the stakes can be anchored and where the area is free of rocks, branches, or other objects that can puncture the unit.

Can the Moon Jump or Inflatable be set up on the driveway?
Yes, provided it fits and most importantly provided that all stakes can be anchored to the ground or the anchor ropes can be firmly secured to solid structures.

Can the Moon Jump be set up on the street?
We do not set up on the street. We will not put your children at risk. On the street sandbagsare used as anchors as opposed to steel stakes to secure the inflatable to the ground. The sandbags will not prevent the Moon Jump from being picked up by a sudden gust of wind thus endangering your children.

How much area do I need?
Each Inflatable has its own area requirements. Click on the inflatable of your choice in the Product Gallery to find out how much area is needed.

I have a slope in my yard, can the Moon Jump or Inflatable be set up?
You should be OK. We have not found a back yard with a slope so steep that the Moon Jump or Inflatable could not be set up.

Will the Moon Jump ruin my grass?
No. The grass will jump back to its natural form within a day or so depending on how tall the grass is.
Caution: The water slide and Slip & Slide could damage the grass if the grass gets soaking wet.

Does the blower need to be run all the time?
Yes. The inflatable will deflate if the blower is shut off.

Can the Moon Jump be used in the rain?
We prefer that it not be used in the in the rain. That is why we have such a lax cancellation policy.

What happens if it rains when I have a Moon Jump or Inflatable already in Use?
If it rains and there are strong winds – remove the riders and deflate the unit.
If it rains and no strong winds are present – remove the riders and leave the unit inflated.

If deflated the inflatable gets filled internally with rain water and becomes extremely heavy and difficult to pick up.
Once the rain/wind have passed the Moon Jump can be dried and continue to be used.

How many kids can I have in the Moon Jump?
Each inflatable has its own limits. A typical unit can carry about 8-10 kids.

Can adults get in the Moon Jump? Yes just be careful.

How much electricity does the Moon Jump blower use? Not much. A typical rental will use less than $1 worth of electricity.

Can I use a generator? Sure. However it is easier to use a standard wall mounted outlet.

Do you supply a generator? No we don’t. You can rent one from your nearest party supply rental store.

What size generator should I specify if I need one? A 3000-watt or greater generator with at least one 20 amp circuit per blower to be used.

Can the Moon Jump or Inflatable be set up at a park? Not at this time.